Brewers’ yeast upcycling at world market level.

The economical use of resources, the refinement into new products, making something even better out of something good? Upcycling, the principle of responsible business. At Leiber, sustainability has always been a natural part of the business model and that since 1954!

Extracting new products and applications from by-products of the food industry, including in equine nutrition, is our main focus.

Leiber works consistently on the recycling and further use of valuable raw materials throughout the entire production process.

The goal:
a circular economy that aims at the continuous use of resources!

Give Yeast a Second Life.

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The Leiber production

Leiber refines brewers’ yeast into innovative products for humans and animals. The production activities of the Leiber Group are currently spread over several locations. The main site, where the company management is also based, is in Bramsche-Engter near Osnabrück in northwestern Germany.

Our horse products:

Your horse deserves the best feed.

100% Brewers’ Yeast
Real brewers’ yeast, really good effect for your horse!

At Leiber, brewers’ yeast is refined using state-of-the-art processes, some of which were developed in-house, and inactivated in the process. Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast is rich in many bioavailable active ingredients and nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, B vitamins, and trace elements. Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast is a "real" brewers’ yeast!

Recommended use
40% brewers’ yeast + 60% fibres
The successful formula for healthy horse nutrition!

LeiberYeaFi® is a unique synergy of inactive brewers’ yeast with high fibre and dietary valuable, functional fibres. Brewers’ yeast is rich in bioavailable active ingredients and nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, B vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Recommended use

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