100% brewers' yeast

A good tradition in the
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Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast is a tried and tested feed for all breeds and types of horses, in all performance ranges.
100% inactive brewers’ yeast

Did you know?
Three out of four of all respondents who use brewers’ yeast notice positive effects. (* Survey of the Osnabrück University, 2023, a total of 457 persons were interviewed.)

*Pruß C, Severit M, Westkamp B, et al. (2023): The level of knowledge of end users on yeast in horse feeding; Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences; Poster Session at the International Network Equine Science in Switzerland.

Real brewers’ yeast,

really good effect!

The raw materials for Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast products are produced in breweries in compliance with strict food guidelines. At Leiber, they are refined using state-of-the-art processes, some of which were developed in-house, and inactivated in the process. Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast is rich in many bioavailable active ingredients and nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, B vitamins, and trace elements.

Leiber® Brewers' Yeast is a "real" brewers’ yeast because it contains the polyphenols (alpha and beta acids) of the hops added during the brewing process. The ingredients of hops have antioxidant and bacteriostatic effects.

Product benefits of

Leiber® Brewers' Yeast

optimal bioavailability of the nutrients and active ingredients

supports the immune system

positive effects on skin and coat quality, coat shine, and shedding

promotes in the long term the hoof quality

supports the digestion

supports muscle building and performance

supports the metabolism


inactive unextracted brewers’ yeast

Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast is suitable for all horse breeds and types, in all performance ranges.

Discover the effect! Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast is the high-quality horse feed supplement that supports your horse’s health. Thanks to the effects of Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast and its content of valuable ingredients such as B vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements, you can improve any feed mixture and give your favourite everything it needs for a vital horse life.

By the way: the following information can also be downloaded from the Leiber "Stable Talk" encyclopedia.

Recommended use

Dosage per animal and day

Warmblood horse (600kg):

ca. 100g

Pony (350kg):

ca. 50g

Warmblood horse (600kg) in acute stress situations,
gestation, or lactation:

ca. 150g


ca. 25 – 50g

Hint for sport horses:
The national and international (FEI) doping rules must be observed. Due to the natural hordenine content of brewer's yeast, its use in training is permitted, but should be discontinued 48 h before competition.

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Ginka Weise
Therapy horse Bim Bam from Kristina Ellert
Alissa Bramer and Flux Blue L.V.
Breeding and pension stable Paul Paessens from Weeze
Friesian horse from Nicole Gembler
Fit for winter
From the beginning of the autumn coat change, I feed all of my horses YeaFi. Foxes in particular often have sensitive skin and thin fur. With the YeaFi I can support her really well, even the picky mare really enjoys eating it and nothing is left behind. Thanks to the brewers' yeast, my horses have really shiny, good coats and can easily withstand the cold season. In addition, digestion is well supported and the transition from pasture to hay is not noticeable at all.
Ginka Weise

No more mallenders and better hooves for therapy horse Bim Bam

Bim Bam is a tinker, a cold-blooded mix. He has a comfortable and balanced character and is therefore a perfect therapy horse.

"Bim Bam always had problems with mallenders, lost his winter coat badly and muscled up only slowly. He also had problems with his hooves – he had hoof cancer on three hooves. With Leiber YeaFi® BT Bim Bam looks great, has no problems in the coat change and also no more mallenders. In the long term, the hoof quality has also improved."

Therapy horse Bim Bam from Kristina Ellert

With Leiber YeaFi® BT no problems with the change of coat.

In the past, Flux Blue had big problems with the change of coat. At a tournament, a horse breeder gave me the tip with Leiber YeaFi® BT. After about eight weeks of supplementary feeding, Flux Blue’s coat became shinier and the coat change was very smooth. The overall appearance of Flux Blue was also much more positive during the coat change – he was simply in a much better mood. After about ten weeks our farrier also noticed the positive effect of LeiberYeaFi® BT on the hoof horn. As a sport rider, I can only recommend Leiber.

Alissa Bramer and Flux Blue L.V.

Well through the cold season with Leiber YeaFi® BT

Successful breeder and himself riding up to Grand Prix (dressage), Paul Paessens combines his passions for breeding and sport in an ideal way.

"I use Leiber YeaFi® BT successfully in both breeding and riding stables. I particularly appreciate its use in the fall and winter months to support the digestive tract. I would like to emphasize the especially good consistency of faeces and the shiny coat." 

Breeding and pension stable Paul Paessens from Weeze

Get a better grip on skin problems

"We fed LeiberYeaFi® in combination with Biolex® MB 40 for several months. Jos didn’t have such big open patches on her skin anymore. All in all, we got through the summer quite well and my Frieslein even took mane into the winter this year. I now feed Leiber YeaFi® permanently. In season, I add Biolex® MB 40 to it."
Friesian horse from Nicole Gembler

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That's what enthusiastic horse lovers say.

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