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Several complex production steps are required from the malting barley to the finished beer. It is the brewers’ yeast (Saccharomyces cereviseae) that ultimately turns the wort into beer. It influences the taste of the barley juice and thus the character of the beer. This food process takes place in a brewery or brewhouse, where experienced brewmasters produce high-quality, long-lasting beer. During the brewing process, brewers’ yeasts convert sugar and starch into alcohol. At the end, the brewers’ yeasts, the so-called surplus yeasts, are filtered off and stored separately.

Brewers’ yeast is a valuable by-product of the brewing process. It is produced under strict food guidelines and is rich in many active ingredients and nutrients such as protein (45 to 50%), amino acids, B vitamins, and many minerals and trace elements – always in high bioavailability. Using modern and innovative techniques, Leiber GmbH refines these brewers’ by-products into valuable and, above all, sustainable feeds for animal nutrition. All details about the brewing process can be found here:

Production process brewery


Did you know?
Spent grains are a valuable by-product*1

*1 Due to its high nutritional value, spent grains are increasingly used for the production of energy, pet food or food, among others. Due to the competitive use of spent grains, they  have long ceased to be a "cheap raw material" as is often claimed. Spent grains are a rare, high-quality and high-priced raw material, ideally suited for horse nutrition.

Production process Leiber Brewers’ Yeast

Production process Leiber YeaFi®

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100% Brewers’ Yeast
Real brewers’ yeast, really good effect for your horse!

At Leiber, brewers’ yeast is refined using state-of-the-art processes, some of which were developed in-house, and inactivated in the process. Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast is rich in many bioavailable active ingredients and nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, B vitamins, and trace elements. Leiber® Brewers’ Yeast is a "real" brewers’ yeast!

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40% brewers’ yeast + 60% fibres
The successful formula for healthy horse nutrition!

LeiberYeaFi® is a unique synergy of inactive brewers’ yeast with high fibre and dietary valuable, functional fibres. Brewers’ yeast is rich in bioavailable active ingredients and nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, B vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

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